Payment Information

Multiple Accounts
When paying by mailing in your payment, or through your online bill payment service, it is imperative that separate checks and envelopes be used for each account. Each check should also list the account number to ensure timely and proper posting to the correct accounts.
Electronic Checks & Credit Card Payments
Both one-time and recurring payments can be made using electronic checks or any major credit card through the First Citizen's/CIT website. Once on the website, you will need the Management ID number, the Association ID number, and the account number.
Management ID – 2331
Association ID
Heritage Todd Creek Metropolitan District – HTMD
Heritage Todd Creek Attached Homes Association - HTCA
Heritage Todd Creek Townhome Association - HTCT
Account Number – Your account number is listed on your statement for each entity.
There are no charges for electronic check transactions. There is a 2.85% processing fee per credit card transaction. A one-time credit card payment can be made without setting up an online account. If you set up recurring payments, you will be responsible for updating your information if the assessments change at any point as this does not happen automatically.
Bill-Payment Services
If you are using a bill-payment service please review your account number and remittance address. Many bill-payment services remit electronically and the correct account number is essential for proper posting. Your account number is twelve digits with no dashes or spaces. If your assessment changes, you must also update your bill payment processor. The remittance address for your mailed payments is:
Heritage Todd Creek
C/O Advance HOA Management
PO Box 52933
Phoenix, AZ 85072-2933
Please make sure you mail your coupon/statement stub with your payment.